Much of my success as a teacher, I believe, is due to the fact that even at my “advanced” or “Jedi” age, I still remember what it feels like to be a kid, especially a teenager.  As a teacher, I try to create a class that I would have enjoyed as a student.

I have horrified and amused my students by acting out what I used to do in junior high school to inflexible teachers who had entered the profession for all of the wrong reasons.  I was told by a high school counselor that I would “never be a teacher,” but even back then, I knew that I wanted to be an educator who could clearly and truthfully answer the question that used to get me kicked out of class:  “Why do we have to learn this stuff?”  I’m proud of a student who cares enough about his or her own education to actually ask that question, and I have designed classes that clearly demonstrate the answer.

I have set up a Discussion Forum for my students – past, present, and future – to keep in touch and pose their questions or thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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