Vickie GillVickie Gill has taught high school English, reading, and journalism for 30 years in both California and Tennessee. She has won a number of teaching awards and community service honors, and was a finalist for Tennessee State Teacher of the Year 2000. Gill is the author of The Ten Commandments of Good Teaching (Corwin Press, 1998), The Eleven Commandments of Good Teaching (Corwin Press, 2009, Third Edition), The Ten Commandments of Professionalism for Teachers (Corwin Press, 2005), and The Ten Students You’ll Meet in Your Classroom (Corwin Press, 2007).  Vickie Gill has a BA  in English from San Jose State University and a M.Ed from Vanderbilt University. She conducts workshops on discipline, writing, and the art of teaching.


Vickie Gill
Los Alamos, California